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Sleep Center Services specializes in sleep study scoring.  We currently score studies for our clients throughout the U.S. and all over the world.  Our dedication to quality scoring, quick turnaround time, and competitive prices have helped us become recognized as the premier choice for outsourced scoring.

What We Do:

  • Thorough, accurate scoring of all types of sleep studies
  • All studies scored by highly experienced RPSGT's
  • All scoring is done according to the latest AASM standards
  • All studies turned around within 24 hours
  • Most studies turned around within 12 hours
  • Score your studies with or without a contract
  • Score at a highly competitive cost
  • Score on any digital PSG system

What We Don't Do:

  • We do NOT auto score
  • We do NOT outsource to other countries or companies
  • We do NOT charge extra for low volumes
  • We do NOT charge extra for generating reports
  • We do NOT charge extra for monthly Quality Assurance reports
  • We do NOT overcharge for scoring services
  • We do NOT require a contract to score your studies


  • $39/study without a contract:
    • No required volume
    • No required length of agreement
    • Send us all or just a few of your studies
    • Cancel at any time for any reason
  • $34/study with a contract:
    • 2 year agreement to score all of your studies

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PSG scoring $39/study, no contract.
RPSGTs only, AASM standards.
No auto scoring. 24 hour turnaround. 

HST interpretations $59/study, no contract. Board certified sleep physicians.  All 50 states and all Canadian provinces. Inquire at

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